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Love is the Key

I am reminded that though the Christmas season is a joyous one for many it is also a heartache for others who have experienced loss or hurtful situations.

Today your Daddy wants YOU to know that He loves you with abandon
There are no limits to His great love for you
There is no place that His love cannot flow and touch
YOU are not forgotten and He will never leave you
In every situation
In every hurt
In every lack
In every sense of loneliness
He is present….
Holding you, comforting you, breathing life, and singing over you…. He IS with you
His love NEVER fails
His love is the key that opens every door…..

Your door is NOW open!
Walk through, walk through
See the light
Feel it’s warmth
The brightness of His love
It sets on you as a dove
There is no burden
No yoke that is heavy
Just His grace and His mercy
You are hidden in His embrace
and enfolded
A true shelter to your soul
So that you may know
His love is the key
That opens every door


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 Pearl of Great Price

I look up to the sky
dancing clouds floating by
He made them for ones
such as you and I

Do you hear?
The breeze that softly blows by
Do you see?
The wondrous beauty all around
Do you feel?
His loving arms enfold you sound

You are the pearl He has come to find.

No matter of trial, hurt or scar
Nothing has kept Him bound
From discovering the beauty
He has in you found

The storms they have raged
The lions were uncaged
Yet His grace toward you was extended
as He gave all to find
The rarest of beauties
A pearl so fine
so delicate, so pure
One of a kind

Do you hear?
Do you see?
Do you know?
You are one He has sought
The pearl of great price


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There are days when the journey is long
Swift winds leave me feeling cold and alone
And this heart tired and worn
Words are not needed
They are noise in my head
Your scholarly counsel falls to my feet dead
No scripture
No wisdom
No earthly advice
Really brings comfort
All I want
All I need
Is your presence
Just give me your handYour touch alone
Means so very much
The tears they come
And bring sweet release
Please just simply
Hold my handI need nothing else at this moment
To help me to stand
Knowing you’re here
Next to me silent
Simply holding my handJust be here now
Don’t leave me
Standing alone
Give me your hand



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It was a still day, the air chilled
When you came to me soft as summer rain
On that December morn

A misty gray held against a backdrop of silken blue
Perched upon my windows ledge

You peered through my window
Beyond distance and time your eyes met mine
It was then that I knew,
We had met before

I leaned forward ever so slowly, closer to your gaze
As you cocked your head,
Blinking once then twice

My eyes met yours
And I held their beauty as I felt you sigh
“Have you seen my love the one from summer past?”
You seemed to ask

With one matching beat of my heart to yours
I recognized the longing in your eyes,
The cry of your heart,
And the hope that laid itself bare

As time stood still we shared
But a moment or two
Gazing at one another as if in a mirror

Then you flapped your wings removing all
Clutter of doubt, you declared
“This hope shall live as long as my heart beats,
My yearning will never cease.”

Then as quickly as you appeared
You spread your wings and flew
Leaving my sight

As I watched you disappear into the wood
I knew that your search would continue on
My eyes too …
Keep looking
For the one
My heart longs for

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I Am Found

There is a place in me that’s found
deep in you
Hidden away from peering gazes
and all their sound
Where I can lay my head
and just be
Listening to your breath
flowing through me
As all the light of creation
the sun, the moon and stars
seem to radiate and speak of
your deep love toward me
I close my eyes and sense
your drawing nearness
As your lips faintly brush mine,
I hear you speak my name
The warmth of your breath,
the warmth of your light
All bring my heart to a
quickened height
Then you again gently whisper my name,
ever so softly quietly in my ear
And I know then
that all I am is yours
A knowing, a peace
washes over me as I realize
deep in you
I am found

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Secret Place

We have this secret place
you and I
Where hues of green
touch the clear blue sky
Tucked away
nestled against
the warmth of the earth
You take my hand
and share your most
intimate thoughts
The rush of the wind
in the trees
and the symphony of birds
singing gleefully
fade in the distance
as you speak my name

One word from you
falls like rain
and waters
this thirsty, wanting land

My breath quickens
with each word that you whisper
as I lean closer
closer yet
never quite sure
what you might speak next

The warmth of your hand
the kiss of your breath
the gaze of your eyes
in mine
No words have I spoken
for I see them
reflected in yours

You know me so perfectly
every nook and cranny
Yet no fear nor shame
have been given room
to remain

A perfect union both
beautiful and brilliant
Set before time began
And here you are
holding this hand of mine

Squeezing my hand softly
as I squeeze yours back
You smile at me knowingly
as I bask in the warmth
of your sunshine

we have this secret place,
you and I

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I Dreamed

I carried a dream as a child
as I frolicked in the tall green grass
So pure, meek and mild
Arms outstretched, chin lifted high

I dreamed that I could fly

Run, skip then jump did I
over the babbling brook
Listening to it’s laughter
made me giggle till I shook

I dreamed that I could fly

On a swing I would sit and take flight
Looking high above the tree tops
surely the clouds I could reach
I thought I just might

I dreamed that I could fly

Jumping on my bed
pigtails bouncing up and down
My head could almost touch the ceiling
Oh how my sister and I could make our parents frown

I dreamed that I could fly

The years have quickly come and gone
as the pages turning in a book
Yet my heart remains unchanged
as the child who carried that simple dream along.

I dream that I can fly

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