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He united Himself with the dust and made it glorious forever
~ C.S. Lewis

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Sing His Praise

“Hallelujah! Praise The Lord!
How beautiful it is when we sing our praises
To the beautiful God;
For praise makes you lovely before Him,
And brings Him great delight!”

~ Psalm 147:1 TPT

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Secret Place

We have this secret place
you and I
Where hues of green
touch the clear blue sky
Tucked away
nestled against
the warmth of the earth
You take my hand
and share your most
intimate thoughts
The rush of the wind
in the trees
and the symphony of birds
singing gleefully
fade in the distance
as you speak my name

One word from you
falls like rain
and waters
this thirsty, wanting land

My breath quickens
with each word that you whisper
as I lean closer
closer yet
never quite sure
what you might speak next

The warmth of your hand
the kiss of your breath
the gaze of your eyes
in mine
No words have I spoken
for I see them
reflected in yours

You know me so perfectly
every nook and cranny
Yet no fear nor shame
have been given room
to remain

A perfect union both
beautiful and brilliant
Set before time began
And here you are
holding this hand of mine

Squeezing my hand softly
as I squeeze yours back
You smile at me knowingly
as I bask in the warmth
of your sunshine

we have this secret place,
you and I

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